Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In The Name of uThixo (Excerpt)

Incunabula (Book One)
If the author could explain this story in one sentence, then he would say that it is no different than our history and its unbridled experiences with mankind. Like life the mystical world of Dōron is birthed from the determination of choice. Free will is an element of life and in this story a hero will be made by the bitter freedom we call choice. When Ellen Bastilla and her minions come for the deposits in the south, Nyack Ecru must make his choice to either sell out in death or fight this war from an isolated side. The only hope for the Children of Afgaria is that the races be united in the Mainland as one; thus the cost of oneness will have its toughest challenge, and possibly it’s most complicated sacrifice.

Incunabula is a story of hope, distilled from the brutal fruits of captivity; yet the elder races and humans must be willing to overlook the existence of race and seek a cohesive perception of purpose. You will find non-stop action, dark humor, a twist of romance, and an understanding that magick without faith is a riverbed that will eventually run dry.

In The Name of uThixo is a series that is unrefined; an original storyline that will melt hearts, and enthrall Fantasy heads of all kinds. The author’s goal was to not only write an exciting and fanciful adventure; but share a tale of historical, cultural, and religious relevance that will invite readers of all nations to partake in this saga. Are you not inspired? Prepare yourself for the new and enter the wild world of Dōron.

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