Thursday, March 20, 2008

Strange Fruit

The story begins in the late 60's. Puerto Rican soldier (Raul Arroyo) is sent to Vietnam, leaving his pregnant wife (Xaria), and two daughters behind in Norfolk Virginia. After Raul's death, Xaria is left to raise her kids as a single mother. When Xaria decides to move on, she finds a boyfriend who has been secretly molesting her son (TRACY ARROYO). Twenty something years later Tracy grows up with this fatherless-baggage, and struggles with transsexuality-confused and deterred as a man. After the death of Tracy's lover (Jason Livingston), Tracy flees to California to live with one of his sisters and begins a relationship with God: discovering this new acceptance as a man. Tracy then finds a new career in Sociology, and for the first time in his life he sexually connects with a woman (Jazmine). When Tracy's old life catches up to him, the hidden deception of his past will bring an endless struggle of conflict-that will shape Tracy's character.

Strange Fruit brings up some serious issues, and shows that no matter how good of a parent you try to be, your kids will grow up to make their own decisions, whether you approve of them or not. It is an honest, classy, and unique story, that will take drama where it has never been taken before! This script is very entertaining, authentic, and truthful about the struggles of single families. It is a masterpiece: a revolution for the whole family, and will definitely open the door for a new genre.

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